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Renting a car

We are proud to offer car rentals through our partner, AutoEurope. It's the only agency we rent from ourselves. They guarantee the lowest rates in the industry--if you find a better deal, let them know; they will verify and beat it--every time.

For an additional 5% discount off published prices:

  • Book through our website by clicking on Request A Quote or Book Online below
  • Call 800-730-8036 and mention our discount code 99006916 for your additional 5% discount off their already low published rates.

Here are some helpful links to consider before renting a car in Italy:

Car Rental Tips   Request A Quote or Book Online  

We've listed some very important facts about renting a car in Italy.

Quick Tips about Renting a Car
First thing you need to consider is the size of the car you'll need. Not only do you have to think about the number of people you will be transporting but also the amount of luggage. Cars are much smaller than their American counterparts; the most important thing to note is the trunk space is smaller too. To see a sampling of car sizes in each category and the amount of trunk space these cars have, click here.

A 4 passenger car will only accommodate 2 pieces of luggage in the trunk and the rest will have to be sandwiched between the two people in the back seat. Usually the only reason you would want a bigger car is to use some of the seating space to hold luggage. A midsize car and a minibus have the same 18 cubic feet of trunk space. For large groups, instead of a van that may be hard to navigate around the small streets, you may want to consider two smaller cars, or one car and one smaller van.

Pick up at airports are 14% more expensive than picking up in town and train stations about 8% more expensive, but it may be more convenient, or the same price if you consider the transfer from the airport to town to pick up the car.

There are no additional charges for picking up in one town and returning to another, as long as those towns are in Italy. There is a charge for picking up in one country and dropping off in another.

Always check the type of fuel your car requires. If you have a diesel car and fill with unleaded, your car will break down and will have to be towed.

Insurances are mandatory in Italy. When comparing quotes, make sure they have quoted for the following types of coverage: RC - damages to third parties, including the people traveling with you; TP or TLW for Fire and Theft; CDW for damages caused to the car.

Agencies at the airport are open 7 days a week, but agencies in town are usually open Monday to Friday and close at 12:30 Saturdays and all day Sunday. Make sure to check the hours of operation on your voucher.

International Drivers' Permits are now required to drive in Italy. You can get one at the National Auto Association, they are also available from the American or Canadian Automobile Association and, in the United Kingdom, from the Automobile Association or Royal Automobile Club.

When returning your car to the rental agency, fill up your tank close to the drop off point and get a receipt. If you get home and find that you have been charged a refueling charge, all you need to do is fax a copy of your receipt to AutoEurope and you will be credited immediately!

We make Booking a Car Rental Easy for you
Things to consider when renting a car in Italy:
  1. COMPARE PAYMENT CURRENCY. We quote in US Dollars - you know what the cost is when you book, your bottom line is not based on the value of the dollar the day you make your payment. You also avoid the 1% to 3% transaction fee most credit cards charge for converting Euro to dollars.
  2. COMPARE WHAT IS INCLUDED. Our prices include all insurances. If you think you have gotten a really good deal, make sure the rates include VAT, insurance, airport fees, etc.
    As often is the case when you find a car rental that is quite less than booking through AutoEurope, your quote doesn't include the mandatory insurances. You can find yourself paying more than double your quote once you get to the rental counter in Italy.
  3. COMPARE CAR CLASSIFICATION. Make sure you know the size of car you are renting. We classify a Ford Focus as a compact car; however some agencies classify it as an intermediate. By the time you realize this, you are already standing at rental counter in Italy with your friends or family. Your only recourse to fit all of you in the car plus your luggage is to upgrade. You are then billed an additional amount locally, in euros. Since the contract is in Italian, most people don't realize until they get their credit card statement that what they initialed on the rental agreement at the rental counter was an additional charge to upgrade.

You also have the security of AutoEurope, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a problem here or in Italy, they will be able to solve it for you.

Questions about Renting a Car
  • "Do I really need a car?"

    Renting a car in Italy is essential for exploring the countryside, but not if you plan to stick to the cities. Several small towns can be reached by public transport, but trains and buses do not provide as much flexibility.

  • "I don't know if I feel comfortable driving. Any advice?"

    Driving is not as difficult as you may think. But hiring a car with a driver can come in handy, particularly if you plan to do some wine tasting or if you're going to drive along the Amalfi Coast. We can arrange a car and driver for you. Drivers are paid by the day, and gratuities are happily accepted, usually 15% upon completion of the journey.

  • "I'm on a budget. How can I save money on my car rental?"

    Most American chains have affiliates in Italy, but the rates are usually lower if you book a car before you leave home.

  • "What types of insurance should I purchase?"

    When driving a rented car you are generally responsible for any damage to or loss of the vehicle. All car-rental agencies operating in Italy require that you buy a theft-protection policy.

  • "Are there any hidden costs?"

    The price we quote you is complete except for additional drivers and a road tax that is payable when you pick up the car. We will spell out both of these costs for you. Be careful of other agencies, whose prices seem quite low; in most cases, they have not included the mandatory insurances.

You have two ways to get a quote or book a car. Click On Line or Request through Papavero Villa Rentals to start the process!